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Water Harvesting.

At Taylors of Bath, we professionally install both Rain Water and Grey Water Harvesting Systems, which will not only help you save money, but conserve the UK’s water supplies for the future.

With a growing UK population and much higher demands for water than ever, the future is looking rather bleak for a country with water literally falling from the skies and flooding huge areas of land.

The future of the UK’s drinking water supplies can not be saved by improved water conservation alone, especially when 30% of our tap drinking water is flushed down toilets each year. The simplest solution to safeguard supplies is for homes and businesses to start contributing to their own water usage by using rain water and grey water harvesting systems.

With an additional 800 million extra litres of water needed each day by 2020, the UK’s Environmental Agency have stated that the construction industry needs to install water saving devices into homes and businesses, as well as recommending using innovative solutions such as Grey water and Rain Water harvesting solutions.

These innovative water harvesting solutions can supply water for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering gardens, washing vehicles and inside/outside cleaning, this alone accounts for almost 50% of all water usage in the home. Creating your own water supply will help alleviate a water supply shortage in the future.

According to the European Enviromental Agency, the UK is now one of the nine countries in Europe considered to be water stressed.

green energy systems

Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Bath, Bristol and the South West.

A rainwater harvesting system collects rain falling onto your roof and naturally flowing into your exisiting guttering systems. Rather than flowing into the sewers, the rainwater is directed towards a large underground water tank, where it passes through a filter and is then stored within the tank. This oxygen rich water mixes with existing stored water ensuring an oxygenated rich water supply which is self cleaning using a natural biological process created due to increased levels of oxygen in the water.

This stored supply of water is then pumped to chosen locations inside or outside your premises and is automatically controlled to ensure a constant flow of water at all times. The self harvested water supply can be used for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering gardens and inside/outside cleaning.

Grey Water Harvesting Systems in Bath, Bristol and the South West.

A grey water harvesting system recycles water from a premises after it has already been used. This allows a premises an unlimited supply of water and is not dependant on the weather. Water from showers, baths and basins is redirected towards the harvesting tank for recycling.

The recycling process uses a bio-mechanical process to remove any unwanted particals and then after the process stores the water in a clean water tank that can then be used for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering gardens and inside/outside cleaning.

More information can be found at: European Environmental AgencyThe Guardian.